Pre-Med School Journey: Enigma

This post comes a day or two early, as I will be busy Wednesday night and Thursday night. School is back in session, and I feel more refreshed ready to take on the final portion of the semester. I finally bought a bike, and have finished setting it up. Now I just need to take it out for a spin later this week. A little over halfway through this interesting spring, and I am at a “B” right now. Not too bad I must say, and I think I deserved to treat myself to finally getting a bike. Monday’s class went off without a hitch, as homework and the quiz were moved to Wednesday. The whole class tricked the professor into believing the quiz was on Wednesday. While many of them worry about grades, I know it’s not the end of the world. This next test will be the hardest, but we do have a makeup exam at the end of the semester.

And though an “A” would be nice, and achievable, I won’t be upset with a “B”. And I’ve read stories on the internet of how some people got into med school with a “C” or two. I’ve already looked into summer classes, and tried to call about it but I might have to do it in person instead. It’s looking more and more likely that I will be going to be taking biochemistry at my most recent alma mater. I’m happy though, because I may not be alone in that class. As I continue getting to know some classmates here, I think I found at least one who’s on the same path as me. Same classes needed too, and so it would be a little relief to have a familiar face in my remaining classes. But I will also tell you all, that I also applied to several full-time jobs that would pertain to my Master’s. Not that I’m giving up on this, but if worst comes to worst it’s good to have a backup plan. I don’t think I have it in me to afford (mentally/physically) re-taking any of these 3 classes I need. I knew back in January that these 3 classes will all be in one-go; whether I’m ready or not.

So far, it’s going okay and I will always appreciate the support the few friends who know about this have given me. With the bike in my hands, I hope to be even more active as it’s been hard with this class/getting flu-like sick/family death have changed my normal routine. I also will be playing sand volleyball at work Thursdays starting this week, and I am so ready for that. Tomorrow, I leave home at 8:15am and won’t come back till around 11:30pm because of work, school and then a basketball game. Which is why I’m posting this today rather than late this week. We’ll see how those job applications go, since some of them are in another city across the state, and I’ll keep you posted on that. Back on the grind now, and if things were interesting in the first half of the semester, this next month and a half will be even more intriguing. . .


Midnite. Drive.

I need to get away from here

I need to collect my thoughts

The night is where I can be open

Where others come to discuss their problems

The songs on the radio play

They’re always at their best at night


During the day these streets are packed

Now freedom roams this late at night

Sometimes home is quiet and serviceable

Other times uncomfortable leading me here

Whether for adventure or soul searching

My answers are found here with my car


Once in a while I’m not alone in my drives

A guest or two may be accompanying me

But in the dark they sleep against the window

They have no concerns like I to think about

From family, to work, to friends, and life

My mind and car races into the unknown to solve


And so I return alone to these streets to ponder

As the street lights zoom past us going the other way

Windows down as the weather is cool and pleasant

The music perfectly capturing my mood in the moment

Lots to explore tonight with my best friend Shelby

I join the others here to drive this long, midnite drive. . .



Pre-Med School Journey: Spring Break

This week is going by fast! But boy does it feel great to not have to worry about going to class, being there for long hours, and getting stressed from quizzes and homework. From Thursday to Tuesday, it’s been mostly relax-mode. I’ll admit I could have used more time to study, but I’m not sure anyone else has noticed but time has really flown by quicker than normal. I’m still adjusting to this time jump ahead an hour, and I can feel the slight lack of sleep. Even my dreams have been unusual. I almost got attacked by a giant wolf out in the forest. . . someone interpret that! Tomorrow I took a day off from work, away from projects there, to relax/study/attend a concert later that night. It will be great to catch up with friends and enjoy the show. I even bought myself a new bike finally! Should arrive either this weekend or early next week. And the process of applying for a passport is underway. Because it is finally time I took a much needed trip, even if it isn’t until winter or so. And I now know the summer class schedules, and it would seem that I will go back to the school I recently graduated from to take biochemistry. Unfortunately it won’t be till April that I can resolve my issue with registering for that class, but maybe by then I will have a clearer picture about this current class. Finally, I also applied for another job. Full-time one this time, mainly for in the event this class doesn’t turn well and it’s time to move forward with my life. It is always good to have options, and I never sit to dwell. I’ve seen some friends sit and let time pass before ever committing to something, and I just can’t watch life go by. So even if I don’t pass this class, maybe I’ll get this job which will go towards my license. It’ll certainly pay more, allowing me to travel, and enjoy life a little better. It’s a week to rest, but also still be productive. I’m taking care of myself and hopefully it pays off when I resume class next week. . . If not, at least I finally have that darn bike I’ve been saying I’ll get.

One Last Gift (Final Chapter)

As she began to collect her thoughts more clearly, after recovering from nearly drowning, Melanie wanted to know something. “What took you so long Chase?”, she asked eagerly. “It’s a long story”, he said looking at the river that nearly took the life of the girl he liked. Deep down the thoughts swirled in his mind. Imagine what would of happened had he not made it here in time. Another woman lost in his life. No, he couldn’t bare the thought. First Amy, the woman he loved but the timing was off, passed away, and then Melanie almost died; the woman he liked the moment he met her. He didn’t want to say anything initially, since he did move back recently accepting this job. The last thing he needed was to get in trouble for trying to have a relationship at work. But the moment he met her and heard that southern accent, he knew he would like her. The question was: how to ask her out on a date? Now the question is: how to explain to her where you actually were? Continue reading “One Last Gift (Final Chapter)”

Pre-Med School Journey: Recharge

Finally, spring break has arrived and I truly needed this. With everything going on from funerals to birthdays, family has been the priority lately and I felt it in my study time. I know I’m slipping behind a little, and perhaps this week off from class will help me catch up. Yet lately I feel something else going on with me. Like I’m ready for the next chapter, whether it’s the next class I’m supposed to take, medical school, a career. . . life? It’s hard to explain, but maybe you might understand what I mean. To make it to about the halfway point of the semester, 5 years from last taking a chem class, and to be holding on to a B is impressive to me. But now we are entering the ugly, tough part that will truly see how much I want this. It’ll soon be time to gauge whether I should sign up for the second of 3 classes in the summer. 10 weeks of non-stop biochem. . . I’m not so sure. It all depends on how I spend this week off. It’ll certainly be studying, but I want to go and catch up on some of the things I wanted to do. Writing is one, but also spend time with friends and do things again! I’d like to get a crack on the app (finally), and do things like get a new bike and/or roller blades. I have this urge to play street hockey, and other things. After next week, sand volleyball starts up and hopefully I’ll be better than before. It’s like my socialite-self is ready to break free from school-self. I’ve been doing this since I was 5, so 21 years of schooling non-stop, and as much as I want to take a break I’ve seen so many stop and have trouble getting into it again. But more and more my wanderlust side wants to break free, get my own place, adopt a dog finally (!), and many other things. It’s like I’m on a train rolling along, and I’m standing in an open door thinking of jumping off on Platform 9 3/4. I’m willing to stay at Hogwarts to fulfill this dream, but I’m also very much ready to leave and make magic of my own in life. . .

Pre-Med School Journey: Losses

To those who’ve been around this blog for some time know what I mean when I say curveballs, and since last week it’s been just that: curveballs. I can’t say 2018 has been a terrible year, but so far it hasn’t been a great one. As soon as I start to get into a groove, and know what I have to do, something has tended to appear; completely changing my strategy and schedule. Not that I’m a 100% routine guy, but I like a little familiarity. Always being on the move, and never settling, I was hoping would happen once I traveled instead of every day life.

This past week my sister and family have finally found their own apartment. Now that the my almost 2 year old neighbor is gone, sleep has been more peaceful. Though for two days I only got about 3-4 hour sleeps, which I can’t pinpoint why. But the off-and-on drama is gone in that regards with the nuclear family, however we also lost a family member as well. It was unexpected over the weekend, but all I will say is if you don’t try and work on your issues and demons. . . eventually it may come to get you in the end. Whenever there is a death in the family, that seems to be the only time everyone comes together; if that’s any indication to how connected we are. And this will surely have a ripple effect on other members, that may be negative. But like always, we will manage through this.

Class is trudging along, as I’m already wanting it to end. Not that I hate it, but I’m already looking ahead to summer class. When you’ve been in school as long as I have, with like ZERO breaks, you’re simply just ready to get on with it. And lately I feel like I’m on the outs in class, but not in a bad way. It’s just many don’t work, and so they spend hours at school studying. They form better relationships with other classmates, while a few of us that work only come when it’s time for class. That and they have a group chat on this app I can’t download, because I have no space on my phone, so I know I’m missing out on chats. It’s like undergrad again, where more often than not I have mainly myself to rely on.

Spring break is a week away, and I can’t wait for that needed time away from school. I’ll still be working, but it shouldn’t be busy. With this year being constantly changing, and right now trying to withstand things happening around me, sometimes a break from yourself is needed. And I will always appreciate “me-time” because it’s the only time where I can do things I actually want to do. No worries about if others are interested or not. As I said before, if I could just pack a bag and travel, I would but now’s not the time. I really do need a vacation though. I get the feeling something is about to happen soon. I don’t know what but, if I’m in a boat on the ocean right now, the ocean feels like it’s stirring. Regardless, I can do this, and so full-sail ahead. . .